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My first mule deer buck.

This year has been a great year of hunting for me. I am 16 so I bought a Northern rifle tag so I could hunt all seasons and I really wanted to kill my first deer with my bow. I have a big yard so I practice all year with my bow. I hunted in August and let a few small bucks go by and had to start school after that. On the opener of the rifle hunt I had to work and watch some property that my brother manages so I took my bow and my rifle because it's in the extended area for the wasatch. It snowed hard for awhile and I could barely see in front of my face. After the snow cleared at about 4;30, I decided to go with one of the guys named Jim on to the public land because they only allow a few guys to bowhunt on the property and I wasn't one of them:cry: .There were a lot of people hunting there so I decided to leave my bow and took my Remington .270.
When we got thto where we thought there would be some deer I started looking everywhere with my binoculars. Me and my friend were driving slow on our 4 wheelers and I kind of looked over my shoulder and noticed a couple of deer across a canyon standing in an opening about a half a mile away. Me and him got off and I told him that I could see a pretty decent buck in there and I could see it with my naked eye. We stopped the 4 wheelers and they started to go down in to the trees. Jim looked in his binos and told me it was a huge 4 point! So we made up a plan that I would go one canyon accross and he would go 2 canyons accross and hopefully one of us would get close enough for a shot.
As I made my way down the hill I reached the opening where we had first seen them. I glassed for about 5 minutes on the opposite hillside to my left to see if they were still there. It was dead silent and there was no movement. So I hiked a little bit further down the finger and it made it so I could look down in to the bottom of the canyon where the two fingers came together.I kept looking across the canyon to make sure there was nothing in the trees. I couldn't see any animals.
All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I caught some movement and I quickly looked over and saw two bucks working their way to the top of the ridge and feeding. So I started making my way down the finger to get closer to the 2 bucks and to find an opening for a shot. When I found my opening they still had no clue I was there and I extended my bipod and sat down in the snow and found the 2 deer in my scope. When I looked at them I thought it was the huge 4 point with a small 3 point just above it. I was getting ready for a shot and I thought in my head that it was a pretty long shot, about 550 yards and that's too far for me. My brother would ring my neck for taking a shot this far and he taught me that I owe it to the animal to take a shot I am capable of and kill it as quick as possible.
I was thinking what I could do to get a closer shot, But they were in plain sight and so was I, and I was sure they would see me and bust. So I looked around and saw a small little hill about 200 yards from me and I waited until they went into the trees a little bit and hiked fast and slid down the hill a lot. I got to the bottom of the little depression and couldn't see anything because the trees were so thick, there was like 4 inches in between the scrub oak trees. Then I started through the, the trees were scratching the hell out of my face and grabbing my clothes, my gun strap and they pulled my hat off like 7 times. I had to crawl under them many times too. I finally got to the top of the hill in to the opening I had seen from the other side and looked to see if the deer were still there.
At first I couldn't see any deer and I thought for sure that they had gone over the ridge. I quickly started looking in to the trees to see if I could see anything and spotted a dark patch underneath some tall scrub oaks at the top of a clearing. I put my rifle up and looked through the scope and saw big antlers and I began to shake. I looked through my scope again and saw that he was bedded down and quartered away from me.I put up my rangefinder and it said he was 321 yards away. I knew that I could make this shot because we had practiced a lot in the last year and I had just got back from an antelope hunting trip where I killed 2 does, 1 from about 175 yards and 1 from about 280 so I knew the drop of my bullets and that I needed to breath and slow my heart down so I didn't take a stupid shot. I extended my bipod and sat down in the snow and I was still shaking and my heart was pounding. I took about 4 or 5 minutes and sat there taking big breaths. Finally, I put the cross hairs behind his shoulder and then raised them because I knew that my bullet would drop 8 or 9 inches at that distance. I clicked my safety off and took one last big breath, exhaled and squeezed the trigger. The shot made it so I couldn't see in my scope for a second, when I put my scope up I saw a buck running away over the ridge and thought that somehow I had wounded him. I thought that I had made a nice shot and it mad me very nervous. I sat there for a minute to see if I could see him running anywhere and I looked down the canyon and Jim was about 3 hundred yards down from me I had him stay where I shot from so he could tell me kind of where I was because the tress were very thick.He also said that the big one we went after had blown out of the bottom. I made my way to the ridge and he said that the spot I described was straight below me.
I made my way down the hill about 60 yards to check for blood and as I came through the scrub oak I found his bed and there was blood about 4 feet down from it. The snow looked like something slid down it and there were patches of blood every 4 or 5 feet. I I looked down into the trees below AND THERE HE WAS! I rolled him over and saw that I had hit him 2 inches behind the shoulder and the bullet had exited through his neck. He wasn't the the big 4 point but I was thrilled with him.


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