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My first trophy buck

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:D This is the buck that I shot off of the San Jaun Elk Ridge area. :D
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Nice job. Beautiful deer.
Why would you make fun of the poor guys neck? He's on here trying to show us an awesome animal and all you notice is the fact the dude has a long neck. I think his neck is very purpotionate with the rest of his body.
Shummy what the crap are you talking about?
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
It was a joke dude, I'm feeling kind of goofy today.
that is a very nice deer there. by the way i think your neck is in line with the rest of you as well.
Today? *\-\*
I quit drinking in June, I have a lot of spare time, and my goofyness has increased.
Shummy you are so full of crap, no one can go that long with out liquid. You would have dehydrated by now.

Oh ya, nice buck, and dude, you could beef up the neck a bit, but no worries, as long as it keeps your head on your shoulders.
Sweet picture, thanks for sharing..

LOL long neck :rotfl: *-HELP!-*
Back on track............... Very NICE buck. Congrats. Al.
Nice job bowhunter76,

Looks like 24"-25" wide? How about the story?

Dehdrated, That's borderline genius. Epek where do you come up with this crap, friggen hilarious. By the way nice buck, im guessing 23" And gorgeous. :D
OK, enough with the neck jokes. :roll:

That is one sweet deer my friend. If you have taxidermy on the mind and don't quite know who to use I have some great people to refer you too. :D Just PM me if you want.

I think this calls for a drink! wadda ya say we both enjoy a long neck :mrgreen: beer!
thats a realy nice buck there. congrats on him.
If that was a full body decoy, would that be the "looker" pose?? :lol: That is a dandy buck... congratulations on the trophy man!!!
I have no idea what he scores but he is 23" wide by 21" tall and very symmetrical.

My friend and I got there Thursday night and set up camp. On Friday we scouted around and only seen a couple of small bucks. We decided to try a different area in the morning. Early Saturday morning on the way to the area we started seeing some deer and a few little bucks. About an hour into the hunt I spotted him about 150 yards away. One shot and he was done. I probably should have held out for a bigger one with it being opening morning but I just have not had that may opportunities to get a buck like this one and I got very excited when I seen him.
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