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Well, I finally got to go duck hunting this afternoon. It turned out to be a bit of an adventure. I took a couple of pairs of decoys, and the dog and headed for the lake. About half way there, I realized that I had forgotten the duck calls. But I didn't feel like going home to get them. So off to the lake I went. I parked and headed across the mud flat with Shasta leading the way. You know, those neoprene chest waders sure do get hot in 70+ degree weather when you're slogging through the mud. I found a nice little pothole in the phrag and threw out the dekes. But in order to keep from peppering the trailers in the camping area, I had to set up facing north-west. It sure was fun staring into the setting sun. Then I found that I had left one of those shaker feeding duck call in the pack. It came in handy. At about 6pm the first big mallard drake flew over. Of course it came in from behind me. Out of desperation, I started squeezing the duck call, and believe it or not, the duck came back. So I shot him. And Shasta finally got to retrieve a duck. At about 6:30 or so, I saw another duck fly to my left. I called and called, but the duck kept going. I looked out toward my decoys, and noticed that there were five. And the one in the middle was looking in my direction. I raised the shotgun, and the duck flushed. And Shasta got to retrieve the second mallard drake of the season.
One more thing. When it is nice and warm out, don't forget the bug repellant. The mosquitos were terrible.
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