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Nebo 2017 Archery Hunt

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Happy Fathers day to all the dad's out there and hello to all. I just drew my first Utah Archery Tag in the Nebo Unit. I've been e-scouting the unit pretty hard and think I've found a couple spots I'd like to hike into and backpack camp/hunt for a few days. I'm not looking for the honey hole, but I was hoping someone who has some experience there could let me know what I'm in for and if buying a spike elk tag is worth the 400$ us non-resident guys spend.

I'm doing a solo back pack hunt. I like getting away from the crowds. I'm a Marine, been hunting Nevada since I was 10 and know my way around the mountian, so I'd like to think I know what I'm doing in the backcountry.

Thanks for any help guys!
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Sounds like a little bit of "confusion" going on here...

First off, the only OTC elk tag available for archery is the General Archery Elk Tag. It is either sex, for the most part, statewide. Check the regs for the particulars.

This same tag is good for only a spike bull and antlerless in LE Bull units (check the regs for the definition of a spike, you're not limited to a "martian"...)

This same tag is good for any elk your happy little heart desires in the 'Any Bull' Unit(s). Not many to choose from, so unless you have a sweet little spot to hunt, don't bother. Stick to the LE Bull units, aka, the unit you drew for deer.

I have found in the past when I've had a general archery deer tag and bought an OTC general archery elk tag to go along with it, I forgot about deer and chased elk - mostly, because I don't care that much for mule deer hunting. If you love deer hunting, stick to that.
I believe I've been up to speed with all of his questions no confusion on my part.

He cannot hunt a branch antler bull on Nebo! Only spike and cow!

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Never said he could....
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I doubt a NR could come in blind and kill a LE quality buck and a branch bull in 17 days. Doesn't matter when those 17 days are.
I could, at least the bull anyway - I gave myself the nickname 'Wapiti Whisperer" :grin:
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