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Nebo 2017 Archery Hunt

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Happy Fathers day to all the dad's out there and hello to all. I just drew my first Utah Archery Tag in the Nebo Unit. I've been e-scouting the unit pretty hard and think I've found a couple spots I'd like to hike into and backpack camp/hunt for a few days. I'm not looking for the honey hole, but I was hoping someone who has some experience there could let me know what I'm in for and if buying a spike elk tag is worth the 400$ us non-resident guys spend.

I'm doing a solo back pack hunt. I like getting away from the crowds. I'm a Marine, been hunting Nevada since I was 10 and know my way around the mountian, so I'd like to think I know what I'm doing in the backcountry.

Thanks for any help guys!
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I didn't realize that elk tag was not only spike but cow as well? I'll buy it as soon as I can if thats the deal.

As far as deer I'll hike in to the North part of the unit and see what happens. I have about 10 days to spend on the mountain. I plan to spend 5 or 6 deep in the back country and come out for the rest to relax a bit.

When and where can I buy the elk tag?
I drew an archery deer tag but was wondering about the spike tag and if it was worth buying. I looked in the big game manual today and realized with all the time I'm spending in Utah this August/September I might as well buy a bull tag and hunt north too. Why not? I was just curious about Nebo overall.
Archery elk tags go on sale July 11th, although in Utah general season archery elk tags are unlimited so don't feel like you're in a hurry. An archery tag in Utah is considered a "Hunter's Choice" tag so in spike units you can kill a spike or cow, on any bull units you can shoot any elk you want including a cow. The general season archery tag is also not unit specific so you can hunt any general season or spike unit you want throughout the season dates. A tag can be bought at any DWR location and at most sporting goods stores, Walmart, etc.

Thank you for your service
Can I buy online?
You can only have one bull elk permit and a archery either sex tag counts as a bull tag. So if you want to hunt a spike/either sex archery hunt you'll have to do it next year.

So your bull tag that you drew is the only one that you can have. Now you might be able to pick up a left over cow tag when they go on sale.
I drew an archery deer tag. The elk part of all this was just a way to hunt longer if I tagged a deer early, since my brother lives in Santaquin and my parents in bountiful. I did not draw an LE bull archery tag. I'm really more interested in a deer, the elk is a back up, I'm still here, want to hunt sorta thing lol...
I have 17 days. I've been in 13 years and I usually hoard leave days until deer/elk season. This years the stars have aligned and I'm taking serious time off as I have to burn some of the time off before I lose it. It adds up fast over that amount of time.
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In order to keep this little debate alive I'll give a few more details on my hunt plans and we can all vote. Seems a more democratic way for this to continue.

Plan A) I'm not sure why, but I really want to hunt the big basins on loafer mountain. They seem productive. I'm buying a branch antlered bull tag. I will do two separate hunts. August 19 to the 25 on Nebo chasing deer. Elk in East Canyon from the 26 to the 5 of September. I have all the meat storage I need, God willing I'm successful.

Plan B is to hunt the extended on the Wasatch Front for 15 days for both.

Thanks for all your input guys! You've opened up my world and eyes this fall!
Even though it got a little Western there I still want to thank everyone for their input!

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