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Nebo 2017 Archery Hunt

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Happy Fathers day to all the dad's out there and hello to all. I just drew my first Utah Archery Tag in the Nebo Unit. I've been e-scouting the unit pretty hard and think I've found a couple spots I'd like to hike into and backpack camp/hunt for a few days. I'm not looking for the honey hole, but I was hoping someone who has some experience there could let me know what I'm in for and if buying a spike elk tag is worth the 400$ us non-resident guys spend.

I'm doing a solo back pack hunt. I like getting away from the crowds. I'm a Marine, been hunting Nevada since I was 10 and know my way around the mountian, so I'd like to think I know what I'm doing in the backcountry.

Thanks for any help guys!
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I used to hunt Nebo many years ago. Steep country. Doesn't set well with my age restrictions and energy levels anymore. Prior to the Nebo loop road being paved it was a great place to hunt. Now it is so accessible by car that it doesn't have the appeal to me as it used to. Still some fine hunting there though. Not sure where to tell you to start that will get you away from hikers and sight seers. I have run into elk in many locations. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.
Hunting is such a personal thing. As you mature, you change and enjoy the hunt for what it is... hunting. Killing makes for good bragging rights, but really doesn't make or break the hunt. Taking an elk... any elk... with archery tackle is a real trophy in it's self. Not everyone can do it and it is always a thrill regardless of what you take. I have taken my fair share of elk over the years on many extended (10 day) hunts. I will be elk hunting this year, the first time in 5 years. I will be hunting with a couple of 70+ year old veterans. I will be the youngster at 63. I am looking forward to the outing, and to be honest, not too sure I really want to kill an elk... to much work anymore. The trip and the company will be worth much more to me than anything else. I say go buy the tag and go on the hunt. The memories and experience will be priceless. If you put too much emphasis on the kill, what could turn into a great experience and memory would become a huge disappointment if you fail to kill.
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SW... you just don't understand... yet... perhaps some day you will. Many of us have been where you are and have moved on. I have not "thrown in the towel" and for you to assume so shows your understanding level. Let him make the decision of what he wants... I am sure he will make the right choice for him and doesn't need you telling him how and where he should hunt. "Your ways are not my ways, nor my way yours..." as the saying goes. If you really want to help, give him the information he is asking for and leave your opinions out unless asked for. As the other saying goes, "if I want you to flush, I will pull your handle".
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