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Need a trailer

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Some of you may have seen a boat and trailer in the ditch at FB this morning.. That was mine, spring and axel blew out and ended up with both tires on one side. Haha anyways, I need to pick up a trailer for my 14' partial V Jon boat. So if anyone has something sitting around they wouldn't mind getting rid of on the cheap or know of something that would be awesome. If not I will just have to hoof it the rest of the season and get a new one next year. Thanks in advance!
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Hendersons will custom make you a new axle with ex lube axles for cheap. Springs are not much more, great outfit to work with.
I think it would be cheapes to get a new axle and put it under you trailer.
New axle

I blew out a hub and spindle on my duck boat trailer (15 ft boat) about 2 weeks ago. I went to TJ Trailers in Ogden and got a brand new axle with bearings/hubs (already packed and ready to go) for $138.00. Give them a call. I've been using them for over 30 years for ALL my trailer needs. They are great folks to deal with.
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