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So looking at applying for Nevada Elk, Looking at the Non Resident stuff...

Non Res Hunting License... 142.00
Elk $21.50
Elk Tag $1200.00

Is this right? 1363.50 dollars to hunt elk as a non res in Nevada?

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That is right.

You do not have to front the tag fee. (163.50 to apply and 1,200 if drawn)

Nevada is a Bonus Point Squared State. (1+No^2)

You also have all 5 of your choices looked at before moving onto the next applicant. If you draw a low number, odds are you will draw at least one unit you selected. (So, don't apply for in any way, shape, or form in the units I apply for :mrgreen: )

I believe there is a 10 year waiting period in-between elk draws.

You lose your points after 2 years of not applying.
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