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New deadline! Dec. 1st! Mullet/costume contest!

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It's still going! I'll post the first post from the DWR forum.


Here are the rules.

You must be in full costume (Mullett costumes are best, but any will do) Must be worn while actively enjoying one of the following, also pay special attention to the deadline:

- Hunting(Elk, ducks, chuckers etc.....)




Take photos and include stories of run ins with other people.

The best costume in combination with the best stories of other hunters reactions wins!

I'm looking for non participant judges, probably 7, to assist in this.

Here's how the judging will work: Seven judges will recommend 5 people each (35 total) we will take 12 of the most nominated participants and run a poll for 10 days to determine the winner.

Entries must be recieved by Nov. 1st (just post your photos along with your story(ies) on this thread. A minimum of 40 entries must be recieved for 1st prize giveaway.

The better the story and costume, the better your chances of winning.

If you other mods see a problem with this, I will happily withdraw the offer, if not, GAME ON!!!!!

I'll update the prize list as it grows.







-Surfer Coyote




Grand prize - Choice of a Walther P22 or a Savage 110 7mm Rem.

2nd place- Field knife and Slightly used wrist rocket. (Compliments of NHS)

3rd place-

Honorable mention (3)-

Trans Am floor mats.(Compliments of chet.)

Best mullet costume- RiverRats's knife set

Inside, with black felt lining and eagle pictures on each knife and the lid of the case.

Best run-in story- Beautiful, handcrafted, white leather steering wheel cover. (compliments of chet)

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No, We've been working on this since we got word that the DWR site was going down. It just took some time to get it right and get everything collected and released.

No disrespect to Travis, but this is gonna rock!
+1, That's what felt kind of goofy. A little commercial too. It was strange that he shut down Dave's post mentioning this iste. I thought he would be all for it. Is there some kind of agenda?
That sign is frickin hilarious!
Riverrat77 said:
Treehugnhuntr said:
+1, That's what felt kind of goofy. A little commercial too. It was strange that he shut down Dave's post mentioning this iste. I thought he would be all for it. Is there some kind of agenda?
Oh...?? I wasn't aware of that. Hmmmm don't know if I like the unseen hand swatting the ones that step out of line... thats a plus for this site I suppose...at least you will know who's coming for you. 8)
I just got a PM from Bullock asking me to remove my signature because it mentioned this site. He's a bit of a nazi eh?

And why did he Ban GH2 for asking a few questions about his intentions??
That was kind of an inside joke. pointerman was the name of the guy who called the HSUS on TAK and got the DWR site shut down.
Re: REVISED, Mullet/costume contest!

Not yet. WTF? :D
Re: REVISED, Mullet/costume contest!

Hey, I've seen that guy somewhere before?

Finn is the only entry so far. Is he going to win by default?
Done. That'll gicve people time to gussy up their stories and get them posted.

If anyone needs a hand posting pictures etc. Shoot me a PM.

BTW, Chet has been AWOL for awhile so we might have to find a few more prizes. I sure like those floor mats and the white leather steering wheel cover. Where are ya buddy?
Yeah! What's up man?
fatbass said:
What about the Walther P22?
39 more entries to go!
It is a very flattering picture regardless.
I believe so. All right RR, and chet, show him the money!
It's a video of him road hunting for deer and listening to Judas Priest or something in that genre. Pretty funny. Second place would probably be a toss up between truemule and noshot.

I say fatbass gets his choice and we divvy up the rest. I got a Gerber for fatbass as well. Fatbass, PM me your address. I think you sent it to me once before, but I cleared my inbox.
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