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New guy (2016 so not so new now) from Colo

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Just signed up to this forum. From Colorado and mostly bowhunt. Play the pref/bonus point game across the western states and have had some great Hunts for most species at one time or another. Don't bring home giant trophies but enjoy the challenge of learning new hunt areas when those 7,9,15 whatever points put me over the top and do spend a lot of time looking over animals before pulling the string or dropping the trigger. Managed to draw and and harvest 3 moose in Colo so I guess I have some luck in the limited draws.

When they say "Don't pass on the first day what you would shoot on the last day..." they were talking about me!! Cause I always seem to be doing that and having a great time 'trying' to get the whopper.

have hunted the Bookcliffs here in Utah and arrowed a nice velvet buck on day 6, about 8 or so years ago. Trying to draw UT elk and the other species is always a primary goal each application season.

Finally cashed in my UT Antelope points on Nine Mile, Anthro-Myton Bench archery and a max WY Elk points archery tag so looking forward to a great fall.

Pic of a recent antelope taken in Wyoming just for fun...

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Welcome to the forum!
Welcome. What antelope tag did you draw?
Archery Nine Mile Anthro Myton Bench. Pretty sure I have the lone nonresident tag amongst exceedingly few tags overall A vast and varied terrain I am looking forward to learning. Looks really great on google earth as I prepare to put boots on the ground.
Welcome! That antelope is a beauty. He has some character.
Archery Nine Mile Anthro Myton Bench. Pretty sure I have the lone nonresident tag amongst exceedingly few tags overall A vast and varied terrain I am looking forward to learning. Looks really great on google earth as I prepare to put boots on the ground.
Good luck on the tag! I will be hunting antelope on the Book Cliffs unit with my bow in a few weeks. That pic you posted is a nice lope!
Welcome to the forum and good luck on your hunt!
We look forward to hearing about your success. welcome to the forum
Always great to have members from other states! Welcome!
Three moose!? That's impressive. Also, very nice pronghorn!

Nice antelope!
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Nice speed goat! That's a fun hunt. Welcome to the forum.
Dang, realized I never posted hunt photos and story of my Nine Mile, Anthro-Myton Bench archery antelope hunt.

Utah was kind to me on my bow hunt. Will take an opening day good buck anytime versus the usual 5-7 day hard, hard hunt. Stalked into this guy and his 20 does with the minimal cover shown on photo using some rolling terrain to get to 500 yards (About 3 times) as I trailed the herd. The sage was shin high for the most part.

As antelope do they of course wandered off another thousand yards away once again. Just as I was thinking I needed to stand up and show myself and back out try to figure out another opportunity or angle, six of his does took off running from the herd and came within 250 yards of me....

When this buck finally came over to round them up into the herd again I popped up my antelope buck decoy and he came running right in for a 20 yards shot thinking he was going to chase off a lesser rival. I had already watched him kick the snot out of another good buck who ended up losing all his does to this buck and limping off.

Sometimes impossible odds stalks just work out and you get more than sunburn, cactus thorns and ant bites for of the effort. A big thanks to Shane Collett who pointed me in the right direction on where to start my hunt. That was a difference maker.

After butchering and packing the meat back to the truck I saw that limping buck back with all the does again. Still limping hard but again king of the herd.

Almost nothing beats an archery antelope hunt, spot and stalk or decoying. Rarely sit blinds because not smart enough to be that ‘efficient’ I guess.

As for the max points WY archery elk hunt that same 2016 fall as the UT antelope that was amazing. Maybe best elk hunt I have had and that includes some NM, AZ and NW Corner Colorado hunts.

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Yep. Archery speed goat was probably the most fun hunt I've ever done. My decoy got charged twice. I was too busy laughing to shoot......
Congrats on a nice buck.
The previously mentioned 2016 WY elk hunt that was right after the UT antelope hunt came together nicely. Very long picture-intensive write up over on HT and expect not allowed to post links to other hunt forum so will instead share a couple photos here:
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Three moose!? That's impressive. Also, very nice pronghorn!
Now 5 moose some years later, Last year added another Colo Cow moose and after a 28 day tough hunt in a marginal unit an ID Bull moose. Hope to someday draw UT moose tag! Two moose same year is not the way you want to schedule it but when the lottery odds tags land in your hand you accept them.

First photo is of the moose I killed in ID last year but a month before and 7 miles as a crow flies from my camp. A super cool and skilled photographer shared this photo with me ad I spent a ton of time hunting 5-7 miles from camp two rivers over trying to dig him up only to find him cruising in earnest, grunting nose in the wind, right near camp where the hunt concluded. Just never know how a hunt will pan out.

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2022 Colorado cow moose. My third there after getting OIL bull a million years ago.
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2022 ID moose. A true needle in a haystack find in a very marginal low success unit. 28 days of effort, mostly float hunting on a pack raft daily and ended up killing 75 yards from main camp. Did not even have to float him out as was Plan A. Crazy lucky combined with massive time investment paid off.
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Welcome aboard.
Thanks. Joined in 2016 and rediscoved the site recenty. Lots of cool folks on here so playing catch up I guess.
With a little luck should be drawing archery Elk this year. Seem to have the points but always possible someone breaks with the trend and jumps in with more points than me to grab the max points tag. Fingers crossed for a credit card hit soon!
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