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new to utah hunting

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new to hunting in utah my son and i have been hunting pheasant farms past 4 years.Im a nebraska native and would like to get back to huntin wild birds.Not asking for your honey hole just a general area.My son and i are going chukar huntin up around wallsburg sat is this a area of choice.

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Its an area... and you've made a choice to hunt there.... :lol: Just kidding man. Ummm I haven't heard anything about up in that area.... if you get high enough up on the mountain, you might find some grouse though. I know some guys hunt pheasants up around Brigham City here in a while.... start of November. Its not a pheasant farm but it doesn't sound like the birds are real wild and I'm guessing thats what you're after. From what I hear, there aren't many spots with "wild" birds left on public ground. Good luck, hope you find some birds when you guys go to Wallsburg.
for pheasent it going to be hard to find lots of birds. you can hunt them around farmington bay or any of the WMA and find a couple birds and lots of walking. you can buy A primt up in corrine and get to hunt farmers land up there for three days only and the release some birds a friday befor the hunt. so they can get hideand not stay where the have releasd them. there pretty smart birds up there they catch on fast.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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