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Newbie to elk hunting question

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I am a long time bird hunter and never had much interest in big game. But my kids both have cow elk tags. For this year
So as a know nothing elk hunter.
My question is. Is a 7mm-08 enough for cow elk. And what rounds would you recommend. I have been shooting the 140 grain Berger vld. Is that enough gun.
It's for my son who is 13 but very small and alittle recoil sensitive.
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Look at the ft pounds of energy of the load you are using. I think 1500 is the recommended amount than just keep your shots within range and you should be good!
The 7mm-08 is plenty of gun for cow elk. Keep the shots sub 400 yards and broadside. Im not much of a Berger fan but I am sure they would do the job. I would much prefer a 140 gr. Accubond or 139. gr. Interbond if you could find them. I load both in our -08 and they shoot great!

Good luck on their hunt!
I've killed a handful of cows and a bull with a 7mm08 and 140 accubonds. Elk are babies if you hit them well with a good bullet. No experience with the VLD but it wouldn't be my first choice given multiple flawless performances from the AB.
7mm-08 with the right bullet is absolutely enough for elk. I wouldn't try any really long distance shots with it, however.
I haven't shot any Berger bullets but the claim on the VLD line is that they will penetrate 2-3 inches before they start to open up and then it will shed 40-85% of its weight.

Personally for even a cow elk I would want a bullet that held together better than that and the 140 Accubonds will do that. And staying with the same weight of bullet won't affect the point of impact or sighting in of the rifle that much where you would need to shoot a lot of bullets to rezero it back in, and the recoil should be quite similar to the Burger bullets.
The 7mm-08 is great for any game animal walking around these parts...

but as for the bullet I'd have to agree with Critter, I'd be looking for something designed to penetrate a bit more.
Thanks guys
Any Partition, Bonded, or solid copper bullet will handily kill cow elk in your 7-08. My advice would be to toss the Bergers.-----SS
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