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Next year fellows

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this whole season the military was kind enough to offer me an all expenses paid trip to sunny Afghanistan. That means I have missed everything. Next year I plan on shooting enough to wear out the barrel of my new shotgun I bought just for the seasons I have missed. First on the list is grouse. Second is goose. Third is pheasant and of course more ducks than I can count. See you fine fellows out there.
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Thanks for your unselfish sevice! Be safe, be positive and when you get back pm me and we will try and help you to get your shotgun barrel on the border line of melting shooting at ducks..
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Thank you for your service! I've got some good spots for grouse and I hunt ducks like crazy when the season is open. Hit me up if you want to get out. I'd be more than happy to get you one some birds.
Crow THANK YOU for defending my freedoms! God bless you & all of our men & women in uniform!
I remember those days all to well. Hopefully next season finds you home enjoying the fruits of your labor. Fair winds and following seas. Semper Fidelis.
thanks for your service and good luck on your hunts next year.
Thanks for your service young man, God bless you. Get back safe, the birds will be waiting.:usa2:
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