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Nice Labrador puppies available

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$750 Black and Yellow Females available. Ready to go September 24th. Can deliver to Soda Springs the 27th, 28th, 29th.

News Flash! Lady participated in the EIC study and is found to be clear of the likely mutuation for EIC.

More information including health clearances and photos of Lady and Levi at my website. http://www.northmountainretrievers.com

Laura Nordberg
North Mountain Retreivers
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I don't mean to sound stupid, but what is EIC?
I don't mean to sound stupid, but what is EIC?
Exercise Induced Collapse which has been recently proven to be an inherited disease.
Is that what TAK's dog Clown had? Does it occur in other breeds?
Actually, evidence only suggests that EIC is hereditary. It has not yet been proven that EIC is genetic - thus the study to help determine if and how.

Here's more official info.: http://www.thelabradorclub.com/library/eicstudy.html
thanks for the link very informitive
Thanks Jessie, so far they seem like nice puppies. Full of energy these days!

Regarding EIC. The article is a bit outdated, note that is was last updated in 2003. The initial phase of the study has been completed and they believe they have found the likely mutation for EIC. Below are some quotes from Katie and someone who spoke with Katie at a field trial where she was collecting samples. I hope this gives a little more insight into this disorder. I am just delighted that Lady is clear of this likely mutation. Katie said she was instumental in the study and I am so glad we sent in the blood samples last year.


Katie Minor was at the club today and is supposed to be back on Sat, but she said she had almost every dog in the trial sampled so she might head back home early.

I was able to talk more in depth with her about the progress in the research.

The news is good. The test is here, it is reliable and the patent is pending. The only thing left before the test is brought to market is resolving a few legal issues, which is partially what this batch of samples is for. They need a larger sample size to validate the test.

The good news is the test is very reliable. The P-values were excellent and all the other statistical data are very good.

This is a reliabe test and might be available by Novemeber.

The owners of dogs sampled at recent trials such as this one will recieve a result on the EIC status of their dog. The MOI is Autosomal rec. as previously belived. The U of M is planning on maintaining a verifiable database similar to that for CNM, but they may pass that off to another group such as OFA or similar.

This research is not focused on a cure, but there is some interest from other groups who may take up that mission.

So, there is good news just ahead for those of us who are concerned with EIC. We will have a test that will allow us to breed knowing we are not going to produce EIC affected pups. It doesnt help those who currently have affected dogs, but it is good to know that the next one can be clear.
Hi, it's Katie from of the U of MN.

Yes, we have been travelling around the area collecting samples for our EIC study. We've been collecting samples to obtain an unbiased (as far as EIC affected) sampling of the Field Trial labradors to determine how common carriers are within the population.

We do believe that we have found the mutation responsible for EIC. This is not verified through functional studies (future research), and it has not yet been peer reviewed, as we are in the midst of writing the manuscript. This test is not considered a certified result at this point. Given this, we are confident in our test's ability to provide a VERY high likeliness of status.

We will NOT ever disclose participation or results for any dog to the public in any way. We do NOT plan to be the keepers of a public database for test results. We depend on breeders/owners to provide us with samples, and confidentiality is an important factor in people's decision to participation.

If/when the test is contracted out there may be a central forum for clear dogs, but that has not been decided at this early stage in the process.

Further samples are only being accepted on a case by case basis at this time.

Thanks to all who have helped us get this far!

Katie Minor
I stand corrected. Thanks Laura! I think it's great that you participated in the research.
Price Reduced! $500 for a very nice puppy. I will be in Soda Springs (near Pocatello) this weekend for a field trial and will have the pups with me. 208-861-0320 is my cell.

Do you still have any pups left?
Sure do, nice black or yellow girls. Been doing short retrieves in the house with a canvas bumper and letting them tear after live birds outside. 8 weeks old now.

Down to just one nice dark yellow girl.

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