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Al Hansen said:
Wow, sorry to hear this. I met the local factory rep today when I stopped in at Impact. His name is Chad and he lives in Roy. Very nice gentleman. I currently own 3 Nikes on my Varmint rifles and I couldn't be happier. That being said I have never had to use their warranty or deal with their customer service. One of my shootin buddies just sent his Monarch in for some repair or replace work and he seems to be happy with their service to date. Hasn't got the scope back yet , but he just sent it in. By the way , a smith did the damage to his scope, not faulty to begin with. I have heard some shooters that have expressed some concern over service and getting through their website. I wish you luck in getting it taken care of.

Now I'm curious, what will you replace it with ??
I'm looking for a Monarch(new) in the 5-20x44 or 6-24x50. New side focus.
I know Chad he's a good guy; used to run the optic counter at Riverdales' Sportmans' Warehouse.

I too have heard horror stories about Nikions factory service, good luck on getting them fixed.

I use thier rangefinders and love them.
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