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When you find the x that is.
My buddy talked me into a “scouting trip” this evening. He likes to go on endless death marches through the swamp, packing light and having no real plan. I on the other hand like to scout and find birds then set up on them. We kinda met in the middle tonight and went to a spot he’s been seeing a lot of birds at, though he couldn’t decide on where to set up.
We went in his fashion of only packing a gun and bullets. We sat on the dike and watched for a minute till we started seeing groups of birds focusing on a certain spot. We made our way to that spot and kicked up a couple dozen teal. We decided that was the spot and tucked in as good as we could.
Well it wasn’t long till the teal started coming back. It was like an early teal hunt you’ll see on tv. They just kept coming. Not really clouds of them like on the GSL but steady groups of 6-12. They all presented at about 40 yards which is a poke but my shooting was pretty good tonight. If we had a few decoys we could’ve had closer shots. Either way though we ended up with two limits pretty fast.

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