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Northern Ut Deer

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Went for a little road trip today! Started in Box Elder Co. the South and west facing slopes looking good almost bare 1/3 of the way up. Went up Weber canyon to Evanston all the deer and elk looked to be in good condition other than the ones that have been hit on the road. Went North towards Randolph lots of road kill from Evanston to Bear River Wy. About 3 feet of snow in the Bear Lake valley and many dead deer along the east side of bear lake! Several piles of dead dear along the road and lots of dead deer out in the sagebrush!! Very sad to see! We probably seen 100+ dead ones just on the east side of the lake! Rich Co is going to have a significant loss! Just my opinion I think the Box Elder and Cache will be fine as far as winter kill but the BL valley is in sad shape. I havent seen this much snow in Logan Canyon since i was a youngster 80s..
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We drove up through Morgan on Saturday. We went up by the golf course on the North end of town and saw at least 5 dead deer under trees in the golf course. Was super sad to see. On the plus side, we did see some nice elk around Rees. Kind of fun to watch them.
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