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NV - Quail Hunting

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Took my daughter with me this time quail hunting. I think she may be a good luck charm! It was my third trip of the season and while I'm always in really birdy areas with lots of sign I somehow never seem to get close enough for a shot. We left Henderson around 5:30, a little late than I wanted, but got to the spot about 6:25 and started hiking around 6:40, a good 20 minutes after official sunrise and about 40 minutes after I usually would start hunting. Within about 100 yards and 5 minutes from the truck we come across a covey with no concerns at all that we are within 20 yards. I took a couple of shots and saw two go down but simply could not find the other one. Or in other words, your typical quail hunt.

It was very fun to see her excitement and she marveled at the softness of the feathers. She's also out little chef and helped select a recipe and helped prepare the little thing. It was very tasty and a much better reciper than what we did last time.

Good times.


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Good on ya for getting out the kiddo. Looks like a great time!
Well done, especially cooking the quail. wow

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