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Of Flies and Men

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Question: It has been said that when you tie your own flies, you can tie patterns that cannot be found in a fly shop, and therefore, catch more fish because you are fishing a fly the fish have never seen before. Yet, when someone asks what flies to use fly fishers will answer, "you can get them on the standard nymphs like a Hares' Ear, Prince or sow bug; one top they will take a Parachute or standard Adams, an Elk Hair Caddis or Royal Wulff.

Do fish really remember from year to year what fly they've seen and then refuse it? Does this only happen on heavily pressured waters? Do fish really become educated?

I use my own creations year, after, year, after year and do quite well. I'm pretty sure I have fished over the same fish in the same places, and they still take the same patterns I present.

And this might be the same question, I've asked before. That's how repetitive fly fishing can be.
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I haven't pulled my fly tying kit from storage since I moved in 2020. My supply of buggers is kind of ugly right now. I keep telling myself I need to pull the kit out, and tie up some buggers -- but I haven't done it yet.

I'd rather beg my amazing friends on UtahWildlife.net to send me some of their awesome creations that I'd be happy to test out for them! Just PM me and I'll get you my address. Thanks!

As for the original question: I don't believe fish remember. I think we, as fishermen, like to give fish more credit than their tiny little PLC brains deserve. Walt Disney did a huge dis-service to all of us by anthropomorphizing his characters.
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Hmmm, what should I tie tonight?
I think you should tie some black, brown, and olive wooly buggers. I'm running low...
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