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Old Arrows Lying Around

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I'm wondering if anyone out there in the Sandy/ Salt Lake area have any old arrows lying around, that you don't use anymore, that you would be willing to donate? I am looking for 7 cool arrows ( they don't have to be identical) that I can use to make some Arrow of Light Awards for some scouts in my group? If anyone is willing, please let me know....

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Matt... I have a bucket full of arrows and then some. Probably 50 to 75. I make arrows for the YW/YM in my ward for playing archery golf, (we made pvc bows one year for youth conference). I have given many away. I tend to collect broken ones from the archery shops that people throw away and cut them down for youth as well as keep those that I find when out at the various outdoor ranges that are broken or people have lost. PM me. I live in Salt Lake City.
Thanks bow_dude! PM sent....
I sent you a return answer to your PM, but I can't tell if it was sent or not. Let me know if you got it or didn't get it.
Do they need to be in shootable condition? I have a small number of damaged arrows that I was (just today) wondering what to do with.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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