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Ollin Digiscoping Review

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I recently purchased an Ollin Digiscoping mount from the Western Hunting Expo in Salt Lake City. I have been a long committed user to the other Utah company, PhoneSkope, but I began finding their system to be outdated and frustrating. A few of the things that I did not like about their system was the fact that the adapter they used fit very snugly to the eye cup of my Vortex spotting scope. This was awesome for when I was actively taking video, but with their bulky design I had to take it off every time I wanted to look through the spotting scope. Once I tried attaching my phone to the adapter it would always move my spotting scope, so then I would have to relocate my target that I was trying to film. You can see in this image how bulky the adapter and the phone case for PhoneSkope's system is.

I was pleased when I started using Ollin's new magnetic design because it eliminated all of these issues. Their new phone case design is sleek and fits easily into your pocket so that you do not have to remove the case each time you are hiking through the hills. The use of their magnets allows you to align your camera to seamlessly capture photos and videos without moving the alignment of your spotting scope system. You can also keep their eyecup on your spotter because the slimmed down design allows you to glass with free mobility. These are some images I took of some Big Horn sheep rams right after my purchase, guess it works haha!
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I bought the Ollin setup this winter (before the expo where they offered a discount, of course) but haven't had the opportunity to use it in the field.

I saw them on a podcast last year sometime and it really peaked my interest. Took them a while to put out an adapter for my older Vortex. Dealing with a PS universal and bulky phone case has cost me more than one good shot.

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