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One Week!!!

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So excited to get out there next Saturday!
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SAME HERE!!! Work is dragging for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know, we're one week away from the start of the best 4 months of the year (hunting season, football season, and the start of basketball season).
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next week is going to be a long one
My productivity at work is already slowing down!! All I can think about is the hunt. I've been hiking all summer, now I get the chance to chase the critters I've been watching with my bow. CAN'T WAIT!!
Like 5 days now....;-)...:!:
I'm in my mid 50's and still feel like a kid at christmas !!!!!!!!!

I'll be headed down Thurs with the youngest boy...set up camp.
The rest to come down friday...Stay til Tues for the first go round.

Then back down to the Aquarius Ranger station from Aug 25th thru Sept 1st....

Im on freak'in cloud ninetynine..:!:...:grin:...
My bags are packed I'm ready to go. My bows shooting sexy. Camo is chilling with some pine tree branches. Truck has gas. If your camped in my spot I'm hiking in and setting up my hammock in the bush. My boss is already asking me what my deal is because mentally I've been in the bush for a month. 8)
I'm not carrying a bow but I'll still be out there helping my friends.
some of the camp is set up the rest will be up on Thursday. truck will be loaded up tonight. work can kiss my butt for the next three days. my mind is on the hunt now. hurry up week go faster.
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