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Opening day doves

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From the sounds of it I guess I was one of the few lucky ones who found a few birds yesterday.

I managed to take the day off and get back home for the annual opener with the father in law and boy what a great opener we had. We ran blind as usual (we knew there would be birds as always) scouting for the birds as we drove around our usual haunts. Well all I can say is there were so many doves we couldn't decide just what field to hunt and by the time we decided which field looked the best we had already both shot limits just riding the road spotting and then jumping them.

With the promise of a great afternoon shoot looking good, we run back in, ate lunch and waited for my two nephews to get out of school so we could take them out to sit over the decoy's. As soon as we got back out to the field the birds were already starting to load up. While it only took two hours and 200 shells (they both have big bruises on their shoulders now:grin:) but they managed to both fill out their limits before the end of shooting time.

The set up with a bird coming in.

After 5 shot's fired :grin: the result 8)

Their bag for the day.

The capper to the day. As we were sitting there taking the hero shot's with the boy's, a lone dove flew in from the north right over the truck and landed 30 yards up the road in the corn, he just stayed there picking and eating while we finished up taking pic's and putting things away. It seems like the only time that happens is after you spend all day hunting and don't do well and it's 5 minutes after shooting time has ended:grin:
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Way to go getting on em and then getting your Nephews on em too!

The bruises are a badge of honor, and bragging rights in school today.:D
Yeah, good job! I'm jealous as well. hopefully I can turn up a spot as good as yours one of these days.
nice job!! I miss that high pitched noise of doves flushing.
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