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opening morning success

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I thought I would share my dads opening morning spike success. He shot this guy at 8:30 Saturday morning. We met up at about 8 am at the bottom of a canyon. Then we were going to meet up with my uncle on a point that you can look off into a burn area. We were about 20 yards apart when we came up on my uncle who was now between us. My uncle immediately motioned to my dad that he could see something. He was in a bad spot and could only see the elks legs and body. My dad immediately shot this spike when we peaked over the hill. There was two other spikes with this one. I got a shot off at a spike by two that was with them, but had a tough shot through timber while they were moving after my dad had shot. My cousin was down the ridge further and got a shot off a little while later at a spike that was with two other ones. He was shooting over 400 yards and wasn't able to connect. We saw a total of 8 spikes opening morning, but only could get it done on this guy. We ended up spending most of the day packing him out. Hopefully we are able to get into the spikes again next weekend and fill a couple more tags.


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Nice spike...mmmm goooood eating too.
Sounds like a good time. Nothing beats a successful hunt with the family. Congrats!
Congrats on your hunt!! Your dad looks pretty happy.
Well-done. It doesn't get better than a family elk hunt.
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