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Peay At It Again

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He got our legislature to give $500K this year to an outfit calling themselves "Hunter Nation Inc" to "educate" hunters in Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc, about delisting the wolf. Thus far, our legislature has given $5.1 million Utah taxpayer's money to various Peay scams, counting SFW, BGF, and now some midwestern outfit. All with no accountability for how our dollars are spent. Nice!
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I'll play devils advocate, maybe by helping other states that have problems going against their hunting rights they may in return help Utah when we need help. Just a thought.
I'm all for reintroduction of wolves into the habitat AND the strategy you mention could be smart in the long run if the goal is increased predator hunting opportunity. You've got to start somewhere when building momentum and this could help those in Utah down the road against allowing wolves a foothold in our ecosystem.

I'm against this funding and I can understand the possible benefit for those who are on the other side of the fence. And, there is also the chance that those bending these ears know how to funnel money through them as middle men. Time will tell. But money will always be power even if you are just the one moving it around.
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