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AFdude myself and 2 others got to Pelican saturday morning around 9 and fished until about 3pm. We iced at least 250 fish, kept about 25 of the famous Pelican slab sides for a fish fry. Found them in approx 6ft of water, caught some in 3-4ft also.
Small lurers and jigs were the ticket. Did not matter if they were tipped with wax worms, meal worms or night crawlers, they all caught fish. Landed a few bass between 8-12", saw lots of big ones on the aqua view, but the bass had no interest in what we were offering.
No wind but very cold, the amazing thing besides the amount of fish we caught is that there were only 2 other people on the lake today.
Will add some photos when I figure out how to resize them
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