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Echo Lake - Arrived at noon to a less than crowded beach....well for the 24th in Utah that is. So we made the trek down to the water as the water level is extremely low. The trail conditions are horrific. Watch out it is slippery! Sure enough we see everyone has some 19 inch rainbows on the stringers. Apparently Green Powerbait on the bottom is the trick. Well I didn't have any of that (just garlic) so we tried our hand at Perch and Bass. The bass were in the mini mouth range but I managed a perch. So we switched to perch tactics. We found a spot where the action was better and sure enough we got into the perch. It took some time to figure out exactly how and what they wanted. I did best by sinking a glow tube dude jig and split shot with a nightcrawler. My twin used a chartruse green tube dude jig with split shot/worm and at times used a Pumpkin Pepper Jig, both of which were steadily retrieved. I aslo managed a few perch with a black tube dude jig rigged the same way.

We sat through the rain briefly and the bite turned back on. I eventually got more hook ups when I used less worm. Too bad for me I found that out in the last 30 mins. EvilTyeDye had work at 6pm and I had to teach martial arts. Sure enough the best bite was at 4:15pm just as we had to go. I had a bite every 10 mins or less. Tough to get them to stay on though. If I had more time I think we'd have more fish for the fryer.

ETDT's Yellow Perch

Me fishin in the rain.

Would you believe ETDT was screaming at me in this shot....yet I look so happy with my cooler of perch huh.

The Gravyard......the devil came to collect his due.
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