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Believe it or not I saw a phlock of pheasants yesterday when I went out after them! Yes this was in Utah and no it wasn’t a “pay for birds” farm. I managed to get permission to hunt some private land I had never hunted before and when I drove up just before sunrise there were birds running in the field. I counted about 25 birds and maybe 8-10 of those were roosters. I parked got the camera out and they even posed for me. Too easy right? I was thinking I would be home in no time and was already planning an impromptu fishing trip. I unloaded the dog, quietly crawled to where the birds were and prepared for the slaughter. Not a single pheasant in sight! About 100 yards away birds started busting out and flying in the general direction of IDAHO. I don’t know who played the trick on me but I swear these birds were imported from South Dakota because I have never seen birds as spooky around here.
I spent the next 3 hours hunting hard and had several nice points (all on hens with one exception) but never brought a bird home. Missed cleanly the one rooster that my dog pointed (that hurts). -)O(-
I came home tired but enjoyed watching the dog work and appreciated the chance to see so many wild Utah pheasants again. Wish there were more days that that afield.
Final score: Pheasants 1 Frenchbrit 0
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