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Pig Out Perch Chowder Recipe Is Here!!!

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I just added the recipe over on the recipe forum.
Thank you TubeDude. :D
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Loah, you are not alone with your thinking.
Many of us don't chase Perch, until the ice is on.
What makes this fun is that the Perch will be looking for the deep water in the winter and many of the Trout will be in shallower water, away from the Perch.
An example of this is Rockport. I will fish in 40' or deeper water for Perch, and after I pick up a limit, I will move in to 20" or less water and spend the rest of the day catching Trout.
The exception for me is when I take my boat to Mantua. I target Perch all year up there.
I will usually have my grandkids or other newbies with me there. The Perch and Bluegill are fun for them to catch, and they provide for a great fish fry when we get back home.

We will have to get you on the ice this year and change your mind about fishing for Perch.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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