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Pig Out Perch Chowder Recipe Is Here!!!

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I just added the recipe over on the recipe forum.
Thank you TubeDude. :D
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Catching perch is simple: Just go somewhere that has perch and try to catch a trout. -/O\-

Works every time! (Stupid Perch!) :lol:
I only payed one visit and I knew they were there, so I tried to avoid them by fishing the top. As soon as I let a worm sink, it was on. There's free parking by the dam...Just hike down and "upstream" a little ways until you see some good structure trends. Slide a worm up your hook and line (get a threader...best worm tool ever $2.00) and throw some split shots about 10 inches up. I'm sure it won't take long to get a perch...if you notice you have one. :lol:

(Stupid Perch!)
I think it was the West side, but I could be wrong.

Right where the main road goes by the dam, I parked and hike down. That side. Go catch all of them, please. :lol: Have fun "perchy".
:lol: I never said they taste bad. I hate the little bastages because they get in the way when I'm going for trout. I actually enjoy the taste of them, but in all honesty, I like trout more and I'd rather bring a couple tasty pink trout home instead of 10 or more spiney, scaley little bait robbers.

The only times I actually feel okay about catching a perch is when otherwise, I would've gotten skunked, or when I've been into the other fish all day.

No offense to those of you that love catching perch. Yes, it's still fishing and it's better than catching nothing at all.

Maybe I exaggerate my abhorrence of the species a little, but they do tend to push my buttons when I'm going for my idea of a much better fish.

And I'll take anybody up on an offer to fry up some freshly caught treats!
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1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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