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I took my 12 year old Grandson to Browning Point this morning.
We should have stayed home!
The walk out was long and very exhausting.
We found snow up to 2' deep on the way down to the ice.
Once on the ice, we found about 2" of slush on top of the ice.
We moved several times, looking for deep water, but never found anything over 14' deep.
We only iced two 7" Perch in 3 hours and decided to call it a day.
We left the ice by 11:00am
There were only 3 other people around us and they were not finding fish either.
The area over by the boat ramp had a big group of people fishing it and so did the narrows.
I hope that they had better luck than we did.
I guess that you have to have an off day once in a while in order for the good days to mean something.
It was still fun spending time with my Grandson.
Tomorrow, I hope to make it up to him at East Canyon.

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Grandpa D I just got back from East Canyon and did pretty good. You should be able to make it up to him. Fished at Taylor Hollow I think its called. The fish like anything green. Ill be back up there tomorrow, Ill be sure to look for you.
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