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Hey Folks,
Well finally found you guys. Persistence pays off. :D Anyways since the DWR took down the fishing forum we've been doing the usual…yes fish'n for the large toothy one (Tiger Muskies) at Pineview. We we're also in contact with editors for the "Musky Hunter" magazine http://www.muskyhunter.com/ out of Wisconsin and the editors wanted us to do a story on Utah Tiger Muskies. Sent the story in and was told by the editor the article will be in the Dec/Jan edition. My fish'n partner was also contacted and informed by Musky historian and author, Mr. Larry Ramsell the catch and release of the 51 inch hybrid back in June "ranks 13th on the honorable mention list and among the top 35 of large Tiger Muskies ever caught and known to Mr. Ramsell." http://www.larryramsell.com/

Reposted the video of our larger TM catches at the following link http://www.outdoorsgonewild.com/view_vi ... 3adfecb7b1

All in all the month of September on Pineview was good picked up the usual little guys and my years personal best thus far... 49.5 incher girth was 19.5. This fish was not as girthy as others but just as much fun to catch.

With the water level very low and the weather now much cooler TMs are becoming sluggish and neutral. Bringing out a lot of patience when fishing for them with much slower angling techniques of trolling and casting. Hoping to get out on the View either tomorrow or Monday and again during the week. Well hope you all have a great weekend. :wink: :wink:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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