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Plateau Boulder (West) Antlerless Elk

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I'm headed down Wednesday night to hunt Thursday, Friday & Saturday with a Boulder West cow tag. Just wondering what the snow level is like up high? Also are the herds pretty scattered? Are they on the move down towards Antimony? If anyone has been down there recently I'd love to hear about what you've been seeing and what to expect. Thanks!
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I was traveling in the central part of the state just north of Boulder earlier today...

Hwy 89 around 11am dead crawl 25 mph in 4 wheel dr.....

I also spent a ton of time this summer/fall on the west side of Boulder,(40+ days)
Didn't see as many elk there as in past years...
Biggest bunch was on the Griffin Top....
Some on Parker right now but thats a different unit.
I'd be hunting south of Antimony verily low......
Thanks Goofy for your response...Does anyone else on here have a West Boulder cow tag? What was/has your experience been this year?

We ended up hunting from first light Thursday morning until dark on Saturday night. We hunted up top mostly and even spent a half day down low south of Antimony as Goofy suggested. We saw nothing down low, but saw lots of sign and even some elk - all up high. We saw several branch antlered bulls, nothing huge, and 4 cows that we blew an opportunity on as they were just too fast as they busted out of the quakes! On Saturday we came across a blood trail from earlier that morning where someone had shot a cow, even on 3 legs, and with a good blood trail she never slowed down, not one little bit and after several miles including lots of uphill and through thick downfall we abandoned the trail. She just wasn't slowing down at all. Although we didn't get an elk, we had a very fun time trying! I'm curious though how anyone else is doing or has done?
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I'd be hunting the headwaters of Antimony Creek if I were hunting right now.

but my hunt doesn't start until Dec. 19. So I'm not hunting right now.
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