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Please point me in the right direction for next year

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So this year I managed to get myself deployed for pretty much every hunting season all at once. Really bummed about it too. just got a new shotty in the spring, was getting all revved up and sorry you have to go to another country. So I'm hopping to put out some feelers for next fall on goose hunting. I would love to get me some but its slim pickings out there for public land. I would love some help/advice on maybe some private land? the worst part is I have to carry and I'm not allowed to shoot any of these big fat doves that walk right up to you.
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Thanks for your service. If I knew of any good goose hunting spots I would take you myself.
Where will you be hunting out of, northern Utah or way down yonder in suthern Uter
I will be hunting in northern Utah. I'm in Weber county.
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