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Poll: Elk or Deer? What Weapon

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Hey there, new to the Forum and glad I found it. Never really been a forum guy but there is so much useful info on here I just had to sign up and hopefully meet like minded outdoorsmen!

I am curious, after reading some older posts, but what is your prefered animal to hunt between Elk and Deer? Also, what is your prefered Weapon or Season to hunt that animal?

For me it would have to be Archery Elk, even though our archery season is crap compared to most other western states.
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I guess I'm partial to Elk, but I'll try deer anytime I can get a tag. I'm not picky, I just want a gut pile and game meat in my freezer. If I could draw an LE tag, it would be Muzzy Elk.

General Elk season I did rifle for several years, but have since switched to Archery and Muzzy. Last year I did a multiseason spike elk and filled it on opening day of the archery hunt. This year I plan on buying another multiseason spike elk on the presumption that I just got REALLY lucky. That and I can't make up my mind which season I like the more, Archery, or muzzy. I just know I'm not a fan of rifle season, and I'll take any tag that will give me an excuse to spend more time in the mountains.
I think I favor the muzzle loader, but just because of when the season falls.
That's where I'm at with general deer and LE Elk if I ever draw a tag. Late september, when the colors change, not too hot, not too cold, and not too crowded where I was. Great time to be out in the mountains.

General season Elk muzzy, at least the year before last year in the manti, was waaaaaayyy more crowded then I expected, but I like the weather. Nice and cool, with a snow dusting or two.

Elk Archery, it was hot, a fair amount of hunters off skyline, but I managed to get away from all of them and fill a tag, so i can't complain much. That said, I thought it too warm during Archery season last year.
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i'm leaning muzzy on both, too much of a circus on the rifle these days it seems on deer and elk.
Unless I'm on a multi-season tag, I'll never buy or put in for a rifle tag anymore. It was always a zoo, but in the last 4 year's it's also become a circus, as well as a zoo. The way I see it, the orange army saved me $600 dollars on a bolt rifle. What a waste of money.
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