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Poll: Elk or Deer? What Weapon

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Hey there, new to the Forum and glad I found it. Never really been a forum guy but there is so much useful info on here I just had to sign up and hopefully meet like minded outdoorsmen!

I am curious, after reading some older posts, but what is your prefered animal to hunt between Elk and Deer? Also, what is your prefered Weapon or Season to hunt that animal?

For me it would have to be Archery Elk, even though our archery season is crap compared to most other western states.
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Never hunted elk so I really don't have a dog in this fight. But mulies in the high country are hard to beat.
Never hunted muleys. I live in Wisconsin and hunt whitetail heavily, after I get back from elk hunting. It's pretty boring my comparison. For me, nothing compares to elk hunting where they interact with you and you can call a truly large animal into poking distance...

I love archery, though the extra distance with a muzzy sure can help when they hang up. I'm used to elk hunting CO, where the muzzy season occurs in the middle of the archery season, so no real advantage in terms of rut timing/weather. For UT, seems the best time period is muzzy.
I just like to hunt. Deer and elk are preferred. Any weapon is a bonus. Archery has been the focus for the last 10 + years but I love to be able to pack a muzzle loader or rifle too.
I like to hunt them both equally with any weapon now days. For the first 30 years of hunting it was always Muleys with my rifle. I started bow hunting 6 years ago and killed my first buck with a muzzy last year. **** I’m getting old!
I tend to lean towards deer.
Enjoy hunting elk. But, if I had to pick just one to hunt, it would be deer. Have always done 2 years archery, then a year muzzle. Repeat.
Now that I'm in my 60's I've thrown in a rifle hunt
I'll go for deer on the muzzle loader, that is unless I have a rifle tag.

I am to the point in my life that I am done packing elk. If I do happen to have a tag for one and it is withing 50 yards or so of where I can get a ATV then I might reconsider. The deer that I shot last year on the muzzle loader hunt was enough to get up onto the ATV to get him out. It is bad when you have to cut a deer in half to get him up onto a ATV rack.
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