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Powder Paint

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Anyone use this to paint lead jigs or spoons. If so.
1. anywhere local to buy
2. what did you use to heat the lead first to dip into the paint.
3. any tips ect ?
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I've used it and it seems pretty good on leadheads. I just used a candle to heat the lead for a few seconds then dipped it in the powder. You have to be careful not to heat for too long, especially with smaller jigs (1/32, 1/64), or the lead melts off. Don't forget to bake it afterwards as per the instructions.

I've seen it at the Sportsman's in Vernal and would suppose they would carry it at the other stores.
Thanks for the replies- being to old guy with the memory loss that I am- I called my brother who is a guide on Lake Eire- and he makes 90% of his walleye lures himself and I found out that he powder paints them all.
I've seen the powder at all outdoor places in Utah like sportsman, cabelas, etc
Sportsman had 2 colors in Logan is all- ordered 4 colors on line and found a good place for prism tape and eyes and a pretty reasonable price.
Lake Powell Stripers in the spring
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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