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Preference Points

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If I understand the preference points system for antlerless elk correctly then permits should go to the people with the most points. I may be mistaken in this, but I thought someone could clear this up for me. I now have 2 points, which is the most anyone could have to this point. Is it possible that next year I could not draw out while someone with 1 point does, or will the permits go to those with 2 points before everyone else. I guess the proclamation just wasn't clear enough for me. Thanks ahead of time :D .
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You guys are talking about BONUS points, which they do split. He is asking about PREFERENCE points. With preference points, only those with the highest points draw. Those with less than the highest amount of points will draw only if they run out of applicants with the highest, and then they move down to the next tier of point holders. Hope that helps.
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