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This is a banner year for Pygmy Rabbits in Southwest Wyoming. Their numbers are just incredible and their range is expanding some.

I turn in Pygmy Rabbit sighting numbers and GPS coordinates to the Wyoming Wildlife Diversity Data Bank at the University of Wyoming. This year I may just say "all of Uinta and Lincoln County" for the locations. :)

Pygmy rabbits are brownish, dark overall, lacking the white flanks found on the Desert and Mountain (Nutall's) cottontails. The little rabbit even has a brown tail. They have relatively short ears and even though mature Pygmy Rabbits are normally very small adults sometimes can be bigger than young (late) Mountain Cottontails.

Pygmy rabbits have a distinctive gait; more of a "hop-a-long" than an all-out run. After awhile it's easy to tell the difference between a Mountain Cottontails and a Pygmy just by the way it runs.

The Wyoming Game and Fish and the Utah DNR asks hunters to refrain from shooting Pygmy Rabbits. Just as well, they are not very good table fare in my opinion.

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