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So I picked up a 35 horse mayhem and because of the engine size I don't have the luxury of having the pull start option if my battery dies so I was wondering what do you guys do that are in the same situation do i need to carry some jumper cables or a spare battery etc what's your thoughts?
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Well first time in 16 years of long shafting my battery died this year we pushed the boat half way in flagged down a boat got a jump start so yes always have cables .
I had the same concern I have a dry box with tools and a jumper box just in case haven't had to use it but just in case I also have cables as well. I have a buddy who has a solar panel mounted on top of his air filter cover that charges it all the time for him works well.
Just before I left my house yesterday to go duck hunting, something told me to throw in a wrench. In 11 years of having multiple boats/motors I have never had a battery issue, until yesterday. Thank goodness I had a wrench and leatherman tool to get the nut/bolt out of my battery/cables, and luckily I had another deep cycle battery with me that I run my rotary machine with. It worked out good, because where I was at there was no one else around and I would have had to make a phone call for help.

I like the solar panel idea!
Can you add a pull rope option to your motor? If not I would make sure to always have a spare battery in good condition and charged along with tools. I can't count the number of times I had to change a shear pin or do work on an outboard while duck hunting. I always have a tool box with everything I need including spare parts and spare spark plugs. Grandpa taught us how to repair outboards which is what we used on the bayous and I've done some pretty extensive repairs to get me home before. Was never excited about the option of paddling my boat 8+ miles to the nearest help...before cell phones of course.
I'm pretty sure that the Vanguard 23 is the biggest motor that you can get from the factory with a pull start, any bigger and maybe you can't get enough pull to turn it over? I've been stuck pushing a boat twice-once when I ran out of gas heading back to the ramp at Salt Creek, we ended up pushing my boat about a mile back up the north canal-I really felt like an idiot that night but I never go out without a full extra gas tank anymore! The second time I had a longshaft that must have had a faulty seal in the bottom end that let water into the shaft, it was around 5 degrees out and getting colder when I started hunting in the afternoon, and when I went to start my motor after picking up at the end of shooting I couldn't get the prop to budge at all-it was frozen solid! I was alone, and ended up pushing my boat about a mile back to the ramp-it was actually kind of peaceful to be all alone out there, and it only took me about an hour to get back to the ramp but it sure made me think about all the things that can happen when we are out in the marsh, and how to try to prepare for them!
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So I remember going out with my dad and his friends in our airboat. We had oan airrboat and my dad's buddy had one. Ours was an old puller style, but was much lighter than my dad's friends boat. Ours had several repairs that were needed. We must have had a short somewhere because every time we went out, we would need a jump from the other boat. One day, the wind blew from the south and we ended up beached. As night fell, the wind came back out of the north and we gained some water back. But the battery was dead. To top it off, the fuel pump started acting up. My dad had to jump the fuel pump to prime up the engine, then switch to trying to jump the battery to turn the motor over, only to jump the fuel pump to keep the engine running once it turned over. Then there was the leak in the boat, where once she was running, they would pull the plug and run around trying to force the water out. Then they would try and chase after the boat to get the plug back in. That made for a long day I remember. I think that was the last trip we ever made in the airboat. Its good to go in pairs and have some tools with you.
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Get one of these and keep it in your blind bag / dry box. I've used mine 2x this season. Looks small, but will crank your motor no problem.

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