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REad this if you hunt by the Antelope Causeway

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Just an FYI, the North Davis Sewer District (the one by the Antelope Island Causeway entrance) has filed for a water right appropriation of 15 CFS from its outflow for use in field irrigation on the District's property. The DWR filed a protest with the State Engineer because this appropriation would essentially take away water from the DWR's existing appropriation of 25 CFS (filed in 1959) that flows out to the marsh for wetland habitat. The DWR has figured that it would be roughly the equivalent of drying out 400 acres (although that seems a bit big).
So...there are a few organizations that have joined together to support the DWR in a letter of protest and it will be submitted today. If anyone would like to voice their personal concerns, they can call or email the State Engineers office.
In these days of extreme population growth along the Wasatch front, the sewer outflows represent an important water source for our valuable marshes!
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