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Really got to get my boy into archery

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Took the family up to look at the mountain fires last night. Had half a dozen bucks within 100 yards of us, one 2pt walked up within 12 yards feeding past while we stood there.

The stupid thing is my boy drew the any weapon hunt, meaning he can hunt all 3 seasons and he could have thumped that thing in a heartbeat. He just doesn't own a hunting bow. /sigh

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You need to do it. It may be cheaper in the long run, and who knows he may just really enjoy it.

At least if he becomes a stick thrower he will have a season to fall back on if he doesn't draw a rifle tag on those animals that he wants to hunt.
Yea, Ironically we were going to get him a Bear Apprentice bow for Christmas last year, but ended up finding a Rem700ML muzzleloader like mine that he has wanted for ages. Maybe this next year or so we'll get a bow... the kid has enough money saved up to buy his own bow if he wants.

Then bring him by so I can get him started in the right direction.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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