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Welcome to the new subforum! Be aware that the UWN accepts no liability in any way in relation to the information shared herein. Read and post at your own risk. Posters must only post manufacturer approved recipes and readers are responsible for verifying that any information used herein meets manufacturer (powder, bullets, etc.) specifications.
This is simply a way to easily share what combinations work best for you. Start a new thread for each cartridge just to make it easier to find later. Please consider including the following info when posting/sharing:
-Bullet type and weight
-Powder type and weight
-Type of brass and primer
-Velocity-this may be good as it can vary based on barrel length with the same amount and type of powder.
-Rifle make/model, barrel length and weight (standard/bull) and glass, if you prefer
-Results achieved
Happy loading and shooting!

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222 Rem, brass Rem, 55 gr Hornady Spire point, CCI primer, 19.6 gr 4198, COL 2.150 inches. Use: varmints, rabbits. Yes it will take a deer with a head shot, however not recommended for deer hunting,.
Sorry I can't tell you the speed of this bullet in this load. No way to measure it.
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