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Remington 870 Wingmaster-12ga

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I've got a buddy who has a Rem. 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge. Its older, probably around 20 years, but in really good shape. It does have a few minor scratches in the stock, but there is no rust or other oxidation on the metal. No mechanical problems at all. He'd like to sell it and upgrade to a newer gun. Any ideas on how much its worth? Anyone interested?
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Huh. The question I would ask, why upgrade? And upgrade to what? That is the best pump gun out there.
He'd like to upgrade to a new BPS. I bought a new one a couple months back and after shooting it last saturday he liked it so much he wanted to upgrade. He likes the features of the BPS better. So I guess its more of a trade-out to something else
What's the choke and the price? I need a duck gun and 870 pump is the best for that.
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