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I usually have to work for my daughters soccer games, but today I was off and could go. The only problem was that it was on the road in another county. Wait, maybe I'd have enough time to fish for a while before the game. better yet, I have been jonesin' to do some flyfishing of late too. Alrighty then we had a plan. I only had a short time to fish, but there was a spot I wanted to try. I got up there and alas, the access situation wasn't what I was hoping for. Well, back to the car. That zapped a third of my time. I went upstream and found a place to explore. Only one car nearby, so I gave it a go. I didn't set the world afire, but I was rewarded with a few fish.

After a bit longer, I hooked into something nicer. After a short tussle, success was secured. Whoot! Very nice for this river.

Shortly thereafter, it was time to go. Alas, the girls lost their game :sad:, but it was nice to get back on the river and my daughter and I drove back home instead of her taking the school bus back for some quality daddy:daughter time. Good day overall.
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