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I dont know if its Karma or if my Hands Smell like a Female Trout in Heat But the fishies up there at The Rock Seem To Have Fallen in Love Me. Here is The Latest From THE ROCK.

Place Fished: Rockport
Date Fished: October 8th 2007
Started Fishing: 9:00 a.m.
End Fishing: 2:00 p.m.
Weather: Sunny and Breezy
People in Party: 3
Fished From Shore: Hyland Picnic Area
Rod Details: Storm Thunder Stick 6 Foot
Reel Details: Synergy 10 by shakespear
Line Used: 6 lbs mono
Sinker Size: 2 egg slip sinkers 1 small split shot sinker
Hook Size: #10 Treble
Fish Species Targeted: Rainbows
Rainbows Landed: 10
Perch Landed: 0
Bass Landed: 0
Total Fish Landed: 10
Total Fish Harvested this trip: 8
Successful Natural Bait’s: Worms/Marshmallows
Successful Powerbait Colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Sherbet,
Successful Lure: not used
Soak Time between Bites and recast: 7-20 Minutes

Overall Good Fishing For Rainbows
Rainbows Ranged in the 12-13 inch size

On your Next Fishing Trip Take Someone Fishing

This Has Been Another Wonderful Adventure Featuring

p.s I Opened up a Few of the Fishies Tummys To See what's For Dinner and 2 of them had Digesting Minnow's, 1 had Bird feathers and 1 had Green Mossy grass looked like.

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another great report, not as entertaining as the last but detailed as always. Ive yet to fish the Rock or Echo as much as Im up that way...

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LOAH said:
Congrats on avoiding the perch! Nice to know there really are bows in there.
No Big Bows. use PB if ya dont wanna catch perch. for some odd reason the perch are avoiding the east side of the lake this year. :x
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