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I dont know if its Karma or if my Hands Smell like a Female Trout in Heat But the fishies up there at The Rock Seem To Have Fallen in Love Me. Here is The Latest From THE ROCK.

Place Fished: Rockport
Date Fished: October 8th 2007
Started Fishing: 9:00 a.m.
End Fishing: 2:00 p.m.
Weather: Sunny and Breezy
People in Party: 3
Fished From Shore: Hyland Picnic Area
Rod Details: Storm Thunder Stick 6 Foot
Reel Details: Synergy 10 by shakespear
Line Used: 6 lbs mono
Sinker Size: 2 egg slip sinkers 1 small split shot sinker
Hook Size: #10 Treble
Fish Species Targeted: Rainbows
Rainbows Landed: 10
Perch Landed: 0
Bass Landed: 0
Total Fish Landed: 10
Total Fish Harvested this trip: 8
Successful Natural Bait’s: Worms/Marshmallows
Successful Powerbait Colors: Green, Yellow, Orange, Sherbet,
Successful Lure: not used
Soak Time between Bites and recast: 7-20 Minutes

Overall Good Fishing For Rainbows
Rainbows Ranged in the 12-13 inch size

On your Next Fishing Trip Take Someone Fishing

This Has Been Another Wonderful Adventure Featuring

p.s I Opened up a Few of the Fishies Tummys To See what's For Dinner and 2 of them had Digesting Minnow's, 1 had Bird feathers and 1 had Green Mossy grass looked like.
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