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Rockport Report


First, I Would Like Thank Everyone Who Took The Time To View My Report And I Look Forward to Your Comments and Complaints Regarding this Report.

Second, I Would Like to Encourage All The Guests that Peek in From time to time to Take the Time to Become A Registered User of this Great Site.

Now On To New Report Called Time Line

This Report Has The Same Info as usual But Now it will Contain A Cast By Cast Feature I hope You All Enjoy

How The Day Went

The First Fish Didn't Arrive until 10:55 a.m my Dad Landed Him First. On Orange Powerbait Extra Scent Glitter.

My First Cast Was At 10:50 A.m Using a Worm J Hook With Orange PB. Got tired of trampling in the Mud And Left the Area To Find more Sturdy Ground with Less Mud To Slip and Slide Around. Came Back 15 Minutes Later after i Found My New Spot.
Reeled in and headed out on my own to My New Spot.

11:20a.m Family Reports Getting Bites Every 5 Minutes
I've Moved over to the Hyland Campground Area.

Cast #2 Came At 11:39 a.m Bobber Drops Twice But Never Goes Up I Wonder if its a bite but i sit back down and wait for the fishy to try it again. He Came Back for another Go at 11:57 but Got Away. Grrrrrrrr.

Cast #3 Came at 12:00 P.M. With Orange PB But this Time Added A Worm. as I Sit and Wait for Action i Notice that the Wind has Picked up at 12:22 and now a lot of medium sized waves are crashing the shoreline. its not a cold wind but a nice mild warmish wind for November.

Cast #4 Came at 12:30 P.M With Orange PB With a Worm.

Summary So Far at 12:30 P.M
Dad Has Had 3 Bites And Caught 1 Fish
Mom Has Had 1 Bite and Caught 0 Fish
TMF Has Had 1 Bite and 2 Bumpers and Caught 0 Fish.

As We Start the 1:00 Hour the Wind Is Now in Gust Mode and Bigger Waves are now Crashing the Shore.

Cast #5 came at 1:00 p.m i've switched to a treble hook #10 Bait is now Gulp Orange Pulp. Bobber hits the Top of the pole but that could of been the wind just pulling the bobber up. line is not straight but blowing in the wind in a Big Backward C motion. But i was also not paying attention to the pole because i was writing down some notes and when i looked up the bobber was all the way up. OOH Well Better Luck Next Time.

Cast #6 Came at 1:15 p.m Using the Gulp Orange Pulp To See if was Indeed a Bite or Just the Wind. Turned out to be just the wind cause what ever it was didn't come back for seconds.

Cast #7 Came at 1:40 p.m Switched Back to Orange Powerbait to see if the Treble Hook will make a Difference. I Notice that the Wind is now Light or At the Very Least Calm. Bite Happened at 1:50 p.m and i Kept this One WHOO HOO. been fishing for 2 Hours and This is the First Fish I've Landed. a nice 14 inch Rainbow.

Cast #8 Came at 2:00 and i've decided to Stay with the Orange PB For the Time Being. the bobber wiggles around 2:10 so i jump up and grab the pole but it turned into a snagged hook. so i freed the snag and moved on about my day.

Cast #9 Came at 2:15 Still working the Orange PB and ive noticed that the wind is calm but there are lots Waves, but they are of the mini variety size crashing the Shore Toward Me. Earlier in the Day the waves were crashing from left to right.

Cast #10 Came at 2:38 Decided to Give up On the Orange Colored PB And Made the Switch to Corn Yellow Powerbait. Casting is now Difficult as i'm trying to cast Directly into fierce Wind. Got a Bite at 2:43 but he's a tiny 7-8 inch Rainbow luckily he got off as i was bringing him onto the shore.

Cast #11 Came at 2:45 Using Corn Yellow PB. This Time i'm Daring the Fishy's to Try and Steal my Offerings. at 2:53 i had a contestant and he won my bait because i'm too slow to set the hook apparently.

Cast #12 Came at 2:55 Using Corn Yellow PB. Bite came at 3:00 this time the Thief Didn't Get away. a Nice 14.5 Inch Rainbow.

Cast #13 Came at 3:05 using Corn Yellow PB. At 3:08 All I Can Say Is I Received the Most AWESOME Bite I've Had This Year at Rockport. My Bobber Hit and Looped Over My Pole Causing a Tangle. I Wasn't Expecting Such a Huge Bite that i was Caught Off Guard and The Fishy Got Away.

Cast #14 Came at 3:11 using Corn Yellow PB. Bite At 3:15 Missed Him Again. Guess i Shouldn't have Dared the Fishies to Try and Steal My Offerings. I Told my self to sit closer to the pole just incase the thief's come back again.

Cast #15 Came at 3:17 using Corn Yellow PB. Bite at 3:19 And Missed Him Again. i must have the Dullest Hooks In the Entire WORLD.
but i admit i forgot to move closer to the pole this time. btw i'm about 3 feet behind my pole takes me about 5 seconds to reach the pole i'll have to get a stop watch and time myself to see how long it takes to actually reach the pole. lol.

Cast #16 Came at 3:21 Using Corn Yellow PB and ive moved to about 5 inches away from the pole and i ask the fishy's to try that again but the didnt listen to me and they never came back guess their spy told them what i was up to.

Cast #17 Came at 3:45 whiched to Sherbet PB to give a different look. But No Biters

Cast # 18 Came at 4:03 Whiched to Rainbow PB. But No Takers. The Wind is Now Light and maybe 3-4 MPH

Cast # 19 Came at 4:24 Whiched to Chartuse PB. But again No Takers. Dad Hollers Lets Go And That Ends The Day.

When i Finally Get Back To The Family I Learn My Dad's Limited Out and My mom has had 3 more Biters but could land them

Final Tally on this Trip Dad 4 Mom 0 Son 3

I've Taken Some Pictures I Hope you All Enjoy.

Technical Data

Place Fished:Rockport Res
Date Fished:November 10th 2007
Started Fishing: 10:50 A.M.
End Fishing: 4:32 P.M.
Air Temp Arrival:56 Degrees
Air Temp Depart:55 Degrees
Wind:5-7 Mph Gusts 15-20
Bite Indicator: A Medium Sized Red/White Bobber hanging on the Line to form the Shape of a V.
People in Party: 3
Fished From: Boat Dock Area
Rod Details:Storm Thunderstick 6 Foot
Reel Details: Synergy 10 By Shakespeare Closed Mouth
Line Used: Outcast 8 LB Test
Sinker Size: 1 Medium Slip Egg With 1 Medium Spit Shot to Act as A Stop
Hooks Sizes: #10 Treble and a Large Red Worm J Hook But Not on At the Same Time
Leader Length:1 Foot
Fish Species Targeted: All Fish
Rainbows Released:1
Rainbows Harvested:6
Rainbow #1 14 Inches
Rainbow #2 14 Inches
Rainbow #3 15 Inches
Rainbow #4 14 Inches
Rainbow #5 14.5 Inches
Rainbow #6 14 Inches
Total Rainbows Landed:7

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JAT83 said:
Nice fish! Very detailed report...did you keep a pen and paper with you? :lol: Thanks for the update!
yup wrote everything down so i wouldnt forget the info. but thats why i missed some of the bites. they would hit while i was writing down info from the previous cast. it was almost like they were watching me and they knew when to attack. -BaHa!- it was a nice way to end the year at the Rock.
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