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RV tow camera

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Had a camp trailer deal fall into my lap that I could not turn down. Trailer has a receiver hitch mounted on the rear. I have visions of towing a small boat or atv trailer back there. The problem is they just disappear behind the trailer. Any of you guys ever use a camera system that would let you see what's going on back there? Any recommendations??
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I've towed doubles behind the fifth wheel, but never bumper to bumper as Dallan mentioned. Way to spooky and after driving big rigs and seeing the implosion of bumper pulled doubles, no way in He!! would I attempt it. Even using a camera! I like to keep my eyes on the road ahead, not on the road behind me.

Even if you had a camera, what would you do if you saw the fishtail? Guess you could prepare for what's about to happen.

The good of a camera as far as I can see, is to make sure your ATV/UTV isn't about to roll off from a bad strap, tiedown.
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