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Up where I hunt on the Zion we have loads of turkey vultures and a few condors. It doesn't take long for a dead critter to completely disappear...bones and all. They don't even leave a scrap.
We get a lot of the turkey vultures over my way as well.
We also have the Condor Hotel a few hundred yards away. It’s just over the knoll behind the cabin.
So we see them ALL the time. A couple of the cabins below ours have a real problem with them tearing apart their cabins. They are quite destructive. They haven’t bothered our cabin.

I shot a skunk a couple of mornings ago and dumped it in the bottom clearing.
Went back that afternoon, and all that was left was spine and tail. Unbelievable !!

That made 45 skunks I’ve trapped in the last 4 years. All of them get gobbled up like that.
you would think sooner or later I would put a dent in the skunk population ??
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