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I asked in the Questions section a week ago where to take my 80 year old Dad coming in from california Fishing. Thanks for all the replys.
Today I took him to salem pond and started Fishing at 12:30 at the disabled ramp they have which was great because he was in a wheel chair, I really didn't think we would catch anything at Salem pond but he hasn't been Fishing for years and Iv never been fishing with him so sitting around talking with the dad I have not been in touch with for 40 years was the important thing and catching fish would be a plus.
Well, there was not much time to talk, after 30 minutes using worms and only getting one nibble, I switched all the poles(3) to Green sparkle power bait we were getting bite after bite and ended up landing four nice rainbows, had several wiggle off the hook and just could not seem to hook the rest. I really think the Truck that stocks planter rainbows was just there be fore us but thats alright. we left at 2:30 and thats the best two hours fishing Iv ever had.
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